Greetings Traveler

Welcome to my corner of the web

Hello I'm Aron a software engineer, gamer, bike advocate & all around nerd that has never stopped learning.

Over the next year I will be writing posts on how and why I create the blog. I plan on writing around things I have interests in bikes, code, food, whiskey, technology and books I'm reading. I have a lofty goal of 42 posts this year, the ultimate question of life.

I have a few other goals this year, like ride my bike every day, reduce the amount of anamial I eat, read more. In the past I've done done a challange to ride to work 1 day a week for 52 weeks, give up alcoholic beverages for 365 days, no meat for a month, keto for a month. I think riding 365 is going to be one of the hardest challenges I've done in a while. Good thing I have so many opportunities to ride a bike this winter, Indoor on a trainer, outdoor on my fat bike and to and from work. Summer will be easy with riding to work and trails.

Man this is starting to sound like o a new years resolution...

My Next post will walk through how I set up my blog with the goal to help anyone that wants to step away from social media in 2019.

I followed the gatsby.js tutorial to create a markdown blog over the Christmas vacation, I sprinked in my own flavor of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Route 53 domain name system (DNS), CloudFront content delivery network (CDN), S3 Cloud Storage (S3) and CircleCI for Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD).